Change Your Career for the Better
If you are interested in a career change, applying for a job at our store is something that we encourage you to do. Whether you are an auto mechanic or interested in sales, there are a number of opportunities at our dealership. Which means there is likely a position that you are qualified to fill.

You can fill out an application for one of our open positions or contact our team to learn what the job will entail. We believe in a transparent process here, that way there aren't any surprises for you!
Responsibilities Include:
Determining Service and Maintenance Needs of Customers
Review Customer History and Advise on All Maintenance Deficiencies
Able to Promptly Approach and Greet Customers
Ability to Communicate Technical Information to Customer
Follow Up With Customers
Build Trust and Confidence with Customers
Qualifications that a Candidate MUST Possess in Order to Gain Consideration for this Position:
Some Degree of Product and Technical Knowledge; Ability to Transfer Technical Information/Terminology to the Final Customer Repair Order
Must be Sensitive to Customer Needs and a Good Listener
Must be a Team Player with a Strong Sense of Commitment to the Customer and Service Team
Must be Self-Motivated with Good Written and Verbal Communication Skills
Must Conduct Oneself in a Professional Manner
Qualifications that are WANTED in a candidate:
The Understanding and Use of Microsoft Programs and Applications.
Good Organizational Skills.
Good Working Knowledge of Internal and External Service, Sales and Parts Policies and Procedures.
Strive for Respect and Facilitate Teamwork Within All Departments.